Pristine Lawn Care Services

Pristine Lawn Care, is a locally owned and operated full service lawn care company providing environmentally responsible, lawn fertilization, weed and pest management control. With many years of experience when it comes to quality lawn care, our highly skilled team of lawn care professionals will handle any weed, diseases, pests infestation and rejuvenate your lawn back to it’s glory days

Lawn Service

We offer total lawn care and routine maintenance to keep your lawn looking pristine

Edging and Trimming

Keep the overgrowth under control by edging periodically

Core Aerator Service

Aeration service allows air, water and nurtients to reach the grass roots which helps build a stronger lawn

Power Raking

Power raking removes thatch which builds up and blocks water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Pruning is necessary to promote good plant health, removing damaged limbs, encouraging new growth and maintaining shape

Landscape Service

From helping design your best backyard to installing a fire-pit, we can help with all your landscape needs

Fall Leaf Removal

Trees provide shade and beauty but in the fall leaves build up on the ground. We can remove the leaves to help your yard stay clean

Sod Service

Sod offers a fast and effective solution to dead, dying and/or unhealthy grass

General Yard Work

We can help with general yard work, installing a fire-pit, pulling weeds, moving dirt, leveling the backyard are just some examples

Irrigation and Sprinkler Service

We can design and install a complete sprinkler system, fix a broken head or valve, and address those dry spots

Winter Sprinkler Blow Out

During the fall we can blow out your sprinkler systems so freezing weather does not damage them

Winter Snow Removal

Removing snow after a snowfall makes travel easier and the area safer